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âtman. Tap dance and acoustic jazz music concert and show to swing, middle jazz, mainstream, bebop, modern jazz, contemporary and experimental jazz, Cuban music, latin and Brazilian and funk. Voicing, jrjp technique, Jump Rhythm Jazz Project. Music and dance improvisation. Lausanne, Switzerland, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Barcelona, Spain. Alex Bellegarde (double bass + composition + voicing), Guillaume Martineau (piano + voicing), Shyrleen Müller (tap dance + dance + voicing), David Chia Bosch (tap dance + dance + voicing), Laurent Bortolotti (tap dance  + choregraphy + voicing + artistic direction).

"âtman" is a Sanskrit word that means "presence". And what better way to honor presence than to create through letting ourselves be carried along by the flow of the moment. In this way tap-dancing, jazz and voice are inspired to invent a live show right before your eyes. A show based on the deep desires of its performers, which awakens energy, joy and emotion...

Some musical selections from this show are available on the jazz é-tap CD.

length of time: 1h

Laurent Bortolotti - artistic direction, choreography, tap dance, dance, voicing - Lausanne, Switzerland
Alex Bellegarde
- double bass, composition - Montreal, Canada
Guillaume Martineau - piano - Montreal, Canada
Shyrleen Müller - tap dance, dance, voicing - Fribourg, Switzerland
David Chia Bosch - tap dance, dance, voicing - Barcelone, Spain
Guillem Alonso / Roser Font - choreography - Barcelone, Espagne
Sam Weber - choreography - San Francisco, USA

former members: Guillem Alonso (tap dance, dance, sand dance, choreography, voicing) / Roser Font (tap dance, dance, choreography, singing, voicing)

"âtman" was created in 2013 and already has a long history as it is the continuation of 2 preceding projects: the sextet clic-clac-cloc (2007-2010) and RBS trio (2005-2007).